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Stop Hiring the Wrong People

In the past month I have had two separate situations where I interacted with employees from two different companies. Let me tell you – I was not impressed. What led me to write about this is that you and your company hire people several times a month... Continue Reading

The World Trade Center and your Business

Most of us know that there was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. And most likely you know that the area and buildings are in various stages of being rebuilt or have opened.  If you look at how the new One World Trade... Continue Reading

4 Key Steps for Manager Employee Communication

Communication whether verbal or written is a given if you work in a business. Some of us are very comfortable speaking openly to a variety of people and some of us would rather spend time in our office working alone than chatting up colleagues or cus... Continue Reading

Late Again

Do you have an employee that is constantly late for work? Have you asked them why they are always late or have you brainstormed ideas on how you they can get to work on time? I’m asking because I have noticed that sometimes an employee’s behavior is... Continue Reading

What are You Avoiding?

Firing the executive on your team that doesn’t support the company strategy? Telling your employee they aren’t going to head the project you originally promised? Explaining to the company why the quarterly bonuses you promised won’t be coming? As hum... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Develop Yourself if You’re the Boss

If you are a business owner, CEO or other executive leader you have probably learned a lot over the course of your career. I’m here to tell you that just because you reached the top or think you have doesn’t mean you should stop learning and developi... Continue Reading

Close Workplace Communication Gaps

As a leader you know you have to let go of control at some point if you want your business to grow. As your business grows beyond your reach it’s likely there is no supervision or support for how work gets done. Your people are just expected to work... Continue Reading

2014 – Will Your Business Sink or Swim?

As 2014 kicks off and you are considering all the items on your professional and personal to-do list make sure you add these three trends for the coming year: Leadership, Communication and Foresight. As a business owner or CEO it’s your responsibilit... Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of our clients, colleagues, friends and partners a very Happy New Year!... Continue Reading

Choose Gratitude

This month I have been focused on celebrations but now I want to shift and write about gratitude. I usually share insights on how you can use the blog topic in your business some way which I do, but you can also incorporate it in your personal life.... Continue Reading


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