You cannot afford to stumble through growth. And you don’t need to. The Stages of Growth X-Ray Process analyzes where you are and prepares a detailed roadmap to get your company to the next level. Growth is chaotic; it is not predictable. Get the tools and resources you need to determine your future.


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  • Do you hire employees and hope for the best? Companies that take this approach not only waste valuable resources, they begin a cycle of low engagement, poor productivity and continual turnover. Stop hoping for the best, and start hiring it.

    With Strategic Human Insight’s exclusive set of programs and tools, you can implement a sound talent infrastructure, ensuring you minimize the risk of bad hires and maximize the investment you make in your people. Strategic Selection is a proven, scientifically-validated benchmarking system that enables you to hire right, right now. With it, we can identify the best candidates, create effective development programs and prepare tomorrow’s leaders now. Components include: 


    Put the right people in the right jobs without guesswork or costly mistakes. Our patented job benchmarking system clarifies roles and ensures that management, employees and candidates have a shared definition and understanding of any given position. Strategic Human Insights consultants work with you to develop 3-5 accountability statements for each benchmarked role, eliminating potential confusion and providing you with a tool to measure future performance. Our findings help identify skills gaps so you can establish coaching and training plans that optimize employee contribution.

    Benchmarking reduces hiring costs, decreases turnover and ensures everyone – from management to candidates – is clear on responsibilities and expectations.


    Deepen your talent pool and identify the best candidates for jobs. Strategic Human Insights provides the support you need to make effective selections. Use our benchmark data to create ideal candidate profiles for open positions and incorporate assessments into your interview process. 


    How will a candidate fit in your organization? The Talent Insights tool looks beyond the resume and delves into potential employees’ behaviors and motivators. Examining the “how” and “why” of individuals’ actions enables employers to better understand how behaviors and motivators interact in the workplace. Find out how to use this tool in conjunction with the Job Benchmarking Process for optimal results.



    How do you know that someone who looks good on paper will fit your company? To ensure that a great candidate becomes a great employee, we offer a range of validated assessment tools and accurate interpretation. Make better choices by examining candidates’ competencies, behavioral styles, values and motivators – and leverage those choices by understanding how to engage and reward current and potential employees. 


    Based on a unique, 55-factor analysis, the TTI TriMetrixHD® examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them and whether or not they possess the competencies and discernment required by the job. This report is used as a part of the complete Job Benchmarking System®.


  • Translate employee potential into measurable contributions to your bottom line. With Strategic Human Insights’ proven systems, you can hit the ground running with new hires – and keep the momentum going as you nurture your next generation of leaders. 


    Whether individuals are struggling to meet the expectations of their roles or they need to develop additional skills for subsequent positions, coaching provides a customized solution. Our certified coaches work with individuals, developing personalized programs that enable them to reach their goals. Learn more about how coaching can take your people to the next level.


    Maximize employee value with: 


    Does your current onboarding process spark enthusiasm and excitement? If filling out forms is the major component, then the answer is “No.” We’ll help you get your people up to speed and engaged from day one. 


    Today’s employees identify development opportunities as a major incentive. Keep your best people in your organization by offering the chance to grow professionally and personally. Strategic Human Insights helps you develop an accountability process so employees can hone the skills they need to advance their own careers – and increase their value to the company. 


    Secure, confidential, effective. Use our feedback as a strategic tool for development and growth. 

    • Organizational surveys. These are company-wide and provide you with data on improving employee and customer satisfaction.
    • 360 degree feedback surveys. Individuals receive feedback from a variety of sources, including peers, subordinates, customers and management to enhance performance.
    • TEAMS surveys. Help your teams work more efficiently and effectively by identifying best, and worst, habits and targeting areas for adjustment and coaching.


    Retain your most promising employees and ensure continuity for the future. Leadership development prepares high-potential individuals for positions of increased responsibility and stature. Continual development ensures they are ready for the role when you need them and that your company doesn’t miss a step. 


    How do you build cohesive teams and ensure they work together efficiently? Our half-day and full-day workshops provide teams with a critical toolset that will enable them to communicate and work more effectively. The Team Advantage Workshop utilizes Dynamic Communications® and Your Attitude is Showing® to guide participants to a better understanding of behaviors, motivators, similarities and differences so they can overcome real and perceived obstacles to success – and get to work. Find out how our Team Communication Workshops can help you build better teams today.



    Build teams that work: We’ll help you break down barriers that impede progress and leverage strengths that enable you achieve strategic goals.  

  • The way to retain the best employees is to select them from the beginning. Engaged and motivated, they will add maximum value to your organization throughout their careers. To ensure continued contributions and return on investment, Strategic Human Insights helps you nurture high performers and prepare them for subsequent positions within your company.


    When valuable members of the organization leave, who will step into their roles? This question is often left unanswered, and companies are left scrambling to find a suitable replacement while hemorrhaging resources. With continuous succession planning, you do not have to settle for “suitable.” You can promote internal candidates who understand your company, culture and expectations – people who are ready for the job.

    Start grooming potential successors for key positions now. Generally, companies need 12 to 36 months to nurture and develop employees and engage in a thorough evaluation and training process. Not only does a systematic approach to succession enable you to maintain continuity and eliminate a crisis response mentality, it empowers employees and encourages them to strive towards the next level.


    Retaining the best employees requires understanding their competencies, behaviors, motivators and acumen capacity. The Talent Insights Report by TriMetrixHD examines how and why individuals exhibit specific behaviors, how they respond to crisis and conflict, by what motivators they are driven and how this information can be used effectively by employers. Find out how to use this report as a standalone resource or in conjunction with the Job Benchmarking Process.



    Is now the time to sell? Who will take over your legacy? Strategic Human Insights’ network of consultants help you make the best decisions for a strategic exit. 

  • Are inefficient processes putting your company in danger? Are bad hires impeding your company’s ability to grow and thrive? Is high employee turnover giving the competition access to your best people? Don’t guess: find out – and then take definitive action to overcome your most pressing problems. Strategic Human Insights’ Stages of Growth X-Ray©  process is designed to give you the tools and resources you need to make better decisions and navigate your growth effectively. 


    Our Emotional Quotient workshops provide an opportunity to understand the role of emotional intelligence in collaboration and productivity. Use this as a catalyst for change and for enhanced teamwork. Adapted to your needs, you can choose to have a Strategic Human Insights consultant deliver the 10 one-hour workshops or purchase the entire set and opt for an in-house facilitator. Find out how to increase your team’s EQ – and build a stronger company – today.


    In the Stages of Growth X-Ray Process© , we work with business owners, CEOs and executive teams to gather data and align strategic objectives. Strategic Human Insights has identified 27 people, process and financial challenges that have the biggest impact on companies.  We dig beneath the surface of your organization to see which hidden (issues) are impacting your ability to grow. 

    Armed with this information, Strategic Human Insights along with the executive team develops and implements 6 to 10 strategic initiatives to help you overcome obstacles, increase profitability and achieve meaningful – and sustainable – results.

    By assessing your company’s past, present, and future, we can ensure leaders are focused on making the right decisions at the right time. If you don’t know where you are now, you have no foundation on which to build. The Stages of Growth©  process is the first step towards a more secure future with a more engaged and productive workforce. 


    Before we recommend programs, tools or systems, Strategic Human Insights works to understand your strategic goals, stage of growth and most significant challenges so we can deliver solutions that work for your unique needs. Take the first steps towards a greater level of success with our experienced consultants.


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