People are any company’s greatest asset – and its greatest liability. How much do bad hiring decisions cost? What do companies lose when they put the wrong people in the wrong jobs? These mistakes come with a multibillion dollar price tag: US employers lose billions of dollars per year because they don’t have the right people in the right positions and because they don’t have efficient processes to ensure that they attract, select, develop and retain top talent. Bad hires are costing you. With Strategic Human Insights, that stops now.

How We Help Businesses:

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Through the formation of strategic partnerships with exceptional organizations, we add value to the client experience, ensuring greater success for our clients.


Drawing upon her experience working amongst some of the best – and some of worst – people serving at the executive and management levels, Strategic Human Insights founder Vicki Z. Lauter, understands the importance of hiring, retaining and developing high performers. Believing that you should never settle when it comes to your employees, Strategic Human Insight’s full suite of proven, proprietary processes and tools, was designed to make sure her clients never have to.

Each step of the Strategic Insights System is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the client, helping them select the best candidates and maximize the talent within their organizations. Strategic Human Insights:

  • Assesses your current stage of growth to identify your most pressing challenges and develop an action plan to overcome them.
  • Benchmarks key roles and responsibilities so there is no confusion about what you need – and expect – from new hires.
  • Provides scientifically-validated tools and interpretation to assess job candidates for optimal fit.
  • Develops and implements targeted programs covering every step of employment, from hiring and onboarding to development and succession.

What could you accomplish with a workforce in which each and every employee was engaged and ideally suited for the role? Increased productivity. Improved profitability. Higher morale. A healthy bottom line. Stop wasting time and resources, and start achieving these results for your business.


The driving force behind Strategic Human Insights is simple: to prevent costly mistakes and to grow to the next level, companies need to hire the right people. But it all starts with knowing and understanding what “right” means for the role in question. Her extensive corporate experience and in-depth knowledge of human capital prompted founder Vicki Z. Lauter to create powerful, proven tools and processes to help organizations reduce risk while maximizing their return on investment. Strategic Human Insights bridges the gap between what companies need and what they too often end up getting.

Throughout her 20+ year career, Vicki has worked with top-tier companies to develop and refine their talent acquisition and management programs. She was the first healthcare recruiter at Ernst & Young (now CGEY), and within a year, she built the talent function for the entire department from the ground up.

Vicki followed this with senior-level positions at Accenture and Radiant Systems, where she attracted and coached senior executives, reinvented hiring strategies, and improved development, retention and succession planning initiatives. She has worked effectively with a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, financial services, telecommunications and consulting.

In 2001, Vicki founded Z=mc2 to ensure that small and medium companies had access to the same high-level expertise and talent management strategies as large corporations. Z=mc2 specialized in selection strategies, employee retention, and succession planning – the building blocks every organization needs to achieve sustainable growth and a healthy bottom line.

Over a decade later, Z=mc2 evolved into Strategic Human Insights. Today, Vicki leverages her proprietary tools and strategic partnerships to ensure clients attract, select and retain the right people. She is not interested in short-term fixes, but rather takes a continuous, long-term approach that adapts to clients’ evolving needs. Bad hires waste time, money and resources: with Strategic Human Insights, clients can stop making mistakes that impact their productivity, profitability and future.

Vicki is a Certified Professional (DISC) Behavior and Values Analyst, Certified Retention Specialist, Hartman DNA and is EQ certified. She is active in several professional organizations, including the Society for Human Resource Management, Technology Association of Georgia, Cobb Chamber of Commerce and Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Vicki is a passionate and active supporter of several nonprofit organizations, including Children’s Restoration Network and P.A.L.S.

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