The 3 Question Session

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3 Question Session

As companies grow and leaders have more demands on their time, staying on top of employee projects and performance goals can fall to the bottom of the pile. Because I work with growing companies I try to give leaders and managers easy to follow, low stress formulas for getting more done with less time.

One formula that I have written about in five different areas on the Insights Blog is the 3 Question Session. While I’ve incorporated it into various posts, I have not posted just the questions and process so that is what I’m going to do here.

The 3 Question Session – questions

1. What did you do last week that you are proud of? Using this as the first question allows your employee to talk about the good work that they are doing within their own role. Regardless of the generation, everyone wants to feel that their contributions matter.

2. What are you working on now that I can help you with? This question lets your employee know that you are there if they need you but doesn’t mean you are going to do their work for them.

3. What else would you like to work on? This question allows them to tell you what other areas they want to expand their skills in. By giving employees an opportunity to have some input into their own development, they will be happier and more engaged.

How often do I conduct a 3 Question Session with my employees or team? I recommend, every week. The first few may take more time but as you and your team or employees get more efficient at the process, the time will shorten. Remember this is an opportunity for you as the leader of the company or team to stay on top of what’s happening in the organization or with team goals.

Where else can you find information about the 3 Question Session? Right here on the Insights Blog.

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